Adaptasi Perubahan Iklim

About DNPI

As stipulated in Presidential Regulation No.46/2008, DNPI tasks are:

  •  Formulate national policies, strategies, programs and activities on climate change control
  • To coordinate the activities in the implementation of control tasks that include climate change adaptation activities, mitigation, technology transfer and financing
  • Formulate a mechanism for setting policies and procedures for carbon trading;
  • Carry out monitoring and evaluation of policy implementation on climate change control
  • Strengthen Indonesia's position to encourage developed countries to take more responsibility in controlling climate change


National Council on Climate Change (DNPI) chaired by the President with the Vice Chairman of the Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare and the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, with members: the Minister of State Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Home Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affairs , Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry, Minister of Public Works, State Minister for National Development Planning / Chairman of BAPPENAS, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Ministry of Trade, Minister of State for Research and Technology, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Health and Head of the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency.

In performing its duties DNPI Prof.Ir. led by Chief Executive Api assisted by two organs. First, the Working Group as a forum for think tanks to prepare the draft or make improvements climate change policy.

Second, the Secretariat as a place of support for the council and the implementation of various coordination.

Working Group on DNPI activities consist of:

1. Adaptation Working Group;
2. Mitigation Working Group;
3. Working Group on Technology Transfer;
4. Funding Working Group;
5. Working Group on Post-2012;
6. Working Group on Forestry and Land Use Change;
7. Working Group on Basic Sciences and Greenhouse Gas Inventory
8. Marine Working Group

While DNPI Secretariat consists of several divisions, namely:
1. Administrative Division
2. Carbon Trading Mechanism Division
3. Division of Research and Development Capacity
4. Division of International Relations and Law
5. International Cooperation Division
6. Division of Communication, Information, Education
7. Monitoring and Evaluation Division

Especially for Adaptation Working Group, has a priority focus on agricultural adaptation, disaster risk reduction, climate change information dissemination, development of an integrated development plan on climate change, strengthening the infrastructure plan and design to the impact of extreme weather and climate change.

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